Bengkung Express Zipper

Bengkung Express Zipper


  • 1 corset/bengkung with all size
  • Adjustable size by applying zipper
  • Easily removed by unzip the zipper 
  • High quality fabric 
Size (length*width*height) : 50cm x 150cm x 2cm (FREE SIZE)
Bengkung Express Zipper is a must for all post delivery woman in confinement, mainly to return back the shape of tummy and waist to pre-pregnancy shape.
After delivery, tummy will be flabby, for it has expand too much during pregnancy, that the collagen and soft tissue had been under stress and lose its strength. The tissues need some amount of  time before they return to normal.
  • This corset helps to enhance the process, whereby, traditionally, woman in postpartum period will wear some ointment before wear the corset
  • This corset measured 60 inci wide ( to side), 20 inch length ( downward )
  • This corset  can be adjusted to  4 sizes by applying the zipper from small to extra large
  • This corset is easily removed by unzip the zipper 
  • Material : cotton / kapas belacu
How to use the corset is described below: 

1.Choose your size, then zip up
Bengkung Express


2. Apply the corset with the longer lip 1'st
Bengkung Express

Bengkung Express
3. Start to tie up your corset from down upward with zig zag manner
Bengkung Express
4. Finish tie up the corset 
Bengkung Express
This corset is easily removed without untie by unzip the zipper at your right side.

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Bengkung Express Zipper

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